Horse Riding

Please join us on a 90 minutes horse back ride along pristine beaches,
dunes, vegetation of Tofo Beach and get a closer look into our local
neighborhood. Vast coconut and cashew nut plantations crowded by
seasonal or common birds shading family cassava fields.
Meet the woman and kids at the water pump or collecting firewood.
Horses don’t burn fuel nor make noises when passing the
traditional villages. Our well trained guides Alfredo and Felisberto handle English and take care of you and your questions along the way.

Our horses are Zimbabwean and arrived here in 2004, when times were tough for those adorable animals.
They suit all experiences of riders and riding times vary according to day length. The best times for riding usually are sunrise or sunset. Both are equally spectacular, stunning views with the backdrop of the ocean behind.

We can offer pick-ups in tofo/tofinho.

Mozambicans, volunteers, tofo residents and kids under 10
are entitled to a discount…

Contact: Volker
Tel: 00258 847128963