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Experience the real Mozambique in style
Our Quality 4×4 vehicles will take you where you want to go on your
holiday adventures, so you can enjoy your stay in paradise like never
before. Direct flights from Johannesburg to Inhambane airport mean
you can arrive in under a couple of hours, and we’ll be waiting for you keys in hand. We are a friendly service based car hire company, offering quality 4×4 vehicles for rent so you can experience the real Mozambique.
We have over 20 years of living and loving life in tofo and on barra beach. We are happy to help and cater for all your holiday needs

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The rustic beauty of Mozambique means most of the real treasures are only found by 4×4. Thats why we offer quality & comfort
That allows you to make the most of your Mozambican holiday.Come and explore this palm tree paradise, get your surfboards and hop from one beach to another in the search for perfect waves. We offer unlimited mileage within the inhambane province as standard. SO RENT ONE OF OUR 4X4 VEHICLES AND ENJOY INHAMBANE IN STYLE

Please call or email for more information !

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Contact: Dave
Tel: 00258 845901250 / 00258 844114994