Dive Pricing

USD 50 A “2 hr ocean safari” Swimming with Whale sharks, Manta rays, Dolphins, Turtles & Humpback whales ( in season ) includes all equipment and suits.
USD 50 A “single tank” dive INCLUDING all diving equipment
USD 45 A “single tank” dive EXCLUDING diving equipment, but includes cylinders and weights
USD 60 A ” MUCK ” dive at our local lagoon situated at “barra bay”
Includes all equipment
Weather and tide conditions dependent- min 4 people
NB : Prices stated are in $ / USD and conversions are done at the daily forex bank rates using www.fnb.co.za
NB : As Peri Peri do not have sliding scale pricing, a far reef charge of only USD 6 a launch is added to the following dive sites (OUTBACK,MANTA REEF,ROBS BOTTOM,GREEN TREE,AMAZON,OFFICE,REGGIES,CAVERN & HOSPITAL )
One final thought – Due to Forex exchange rates our walk in price is generally a little more expensive here in Tofo ( Meticais ) . Taking this into account you will only receive the $ rate if minimum deposit has been paid prior to arrival

Diving Tofo Movie

Course Pricing

USD 15 Discover Snorkelling Morning A short intro in the pool
USD 25 Bubble Maker Morning For 8 – 10 year olds, wanting a fun and relaxed feeling of breathing underwater
USD 50 Discover Scuba 1 day 1 pool session
USD 100 Discove scuba diving 1 day 1 pool session plus 1 sea dive
USD 95 Scuba Review 1 day 1 Pool session plus 1 sea dive
USD 95 Adventure Dive Morning 1 Knowledge review plus 1 sea dive
USD 247 Scuba Diver 2 days 2 sea dives, 3 KR plus 3 pool sessions
USD 420 Open Water Diver 3-4 days 5 pool session, 5 videos & KR, 4 sea dives
USD 430 Advanced Open Water 3-4 days 5 knowledge reviews plus 5 dives
USD 167 Emergency First Response (EFR) 1 day 1 day training in primary & second first aid
USD 430 Rescue Diver 4-5 days 5 KR and videos, 5 pool sessions,3-4 sea dives
Price On Application Instructor IDC Course TBA Diver Training to become full PADI Instructor
USD 197 Nitrox Diver 1-2 days 2 Knowledge reviews plus registration
USD 590 Open water & Nitrox Combined 5 days 7 KR, 5 pool sessions plus 6 x dives
USD 605 Advanced & Nitrox Combined 2 days 5 KR plus 7 sea dives
All courses include manuals and registration with PADI
NB : Divemasters taken on three month training programmes only – please ask for more details