Peri-Peri launch daily Ocean Safari’s, or Open Ocean swimming trips, viewing Tofo’s big 5, namely the giant and extremely curious Whale Sharks, Manta Rays, Devil Rays, Turtles, Dolphins and Humpback Whales (in season).  In conjunction with the neighbouring research facility here in Tofo the “Marine Megafauna Foundation”, Peri-Peri can offer you a trip that, for many people, is the highlight of their stay in Africa. Every safari has a resident postgraduate student on board giving you all the information you ever need and wanted to know about these inspiring creatures.  The trip lasts for 2 hours, requires no special training and is ideal for our non-diving enthusiasts wanting a relaxed view of Tofo’s fantastic marine life.  All equipment is included in the price of USD40.00 per person.