Price List

FAR REEF CHARGE: USD 6 | there is an additional far reef Charge per launch to the following deep sites: Outback, Manta, Greentree, Robs Bottom, Amazon, Office, Hospital, Cavern, Reggies, Banners & EN1

We obviously want everyone to leave here with a smile on their face. Should you not see anything on your first outing we do offer a second chance to go again if there is space, but there are some conditions.

  • It's paying guests first, but if there is space, away you go. If it's full, it's full..
  • If there are more guests than spaces then a lotto draw straw kind of thing happens. Let the bargaining begin!
  • The trip must have enough paying guests to go (4 persons)
  • The weather conditions permit (in Peri-Peri eyes, not other dive schools)

All being said, it's never guaranteed that you will have that opportunity for the second shot, but we can at least try.

Giant manta profile-0336.jpg
Bannerfish, Frida, grouper, and glassfish-6334.jpg
Mobubla train-3133v2.jpg


$4 Government conservation fee added to all bills at the end of your diving trip

All Scuba diving courses include full diving equipment, material & registration with PADI