Scuba Diving Price
35 USD
Own Equipment | includes cylinders & weights
55 USD
Full Equipment
Ocean Safari Price
45 USD
Own Equipment
55 USD
Full Equipment

Reg: 5 USD

Fins: 2 USD
Mask + Snorkel: 2 USD
Rash Vest: 2 USD
Wetsuit: 4 USD



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A short introduction to snorkelling in the pool (morning)

For 8 – 10 year olds, wanting a fun and relaxed feeling of breathing underwater (morning)

1 pool session plus 1 sea dive (pool session only 50 USD)

This is a great first step into the diving and underwater realm - especially if you’re a little unsure about what diving is really like. We start with a pool session and finish with a controlled dive to our house reef, Clownfish, to give you your first glimpse of the underwater world. If you fall in love with scuba diving and want to continue, don’t despair: this introduction to scuba counts towards the completion of your PADI Open Water certification. Price includes equipment and Discover Scuba certification and card.

1 pool session plus 1 sea dive (1 day)

The Scuba Review is aimed at qualified divers who haven’t been diving in some time. First, we will give you a refresher on your scuba skills in our confined freshwater pool. Once we’ve made sure you’re comfortable and confident, we’ll then take you out to the ocean for an open water sea dive to get you back into your scuba groove. Price includes equipment.

2 sea dives, 3 knowledge reviews plus 3 pool sessions (2 days)

Your Scuba Diver qualification is half of the Open Water certificate. Once completed, you’ll be able to dive to a max of 12m with a qualified instructor. The course consists of three video and knowledge development sessions, three pool sessions and two sea dives to Clownfish: our house reef. Prices include dive equipment, manual and internet certification with PADI (you will receive your card in the post).

5 pool session, 5 videos & knowledge reviews, 4 sea dives (3-4 days)

The Open Water certificate is your first real step onto the scuba diving ladder (and, when you start, we’re sure you’ll want to climb up many more rungs too). Once you’ve completed your Open Water, you’ll be qualified to dive to a depth of 18m. It usually takes around four days to complete, during which you’ll complete five video and knowledge review sessions, five pool sessions and four sea dives (two at our house reef, Clownfish, and two at other dive sites). Once you’re out in the ocean on these open water dives, you might even see and swim with manta rays and whale sharks. The final hurdle is the small matter of a 200m swim and final exam which have to be completed to gain your qualification. All course material, registration and equipment is provided as part of the course.

1 knowledge review plus 1 sea dive (morning)

Expand your diving with the PADI Deep Adventure Dive and experience more of Tofo’s amazing reefs. It will also open up a huge range of dive destinations around the world as you will be certified for dives up to a depth of up to 30m.

5 knowledge reviews plus 5 dives (3-4 days)
Getting your Advanced is great because it gives you a qualifying depth of 30m which can open up a huge range of dive destinations around the world. You’ll need to allow yourself three to four days to get the most from this course and to see what an amazing dive destination Tofo is. You’ll complete five individual dives in all. Two of these - the Navigation and Deep dives - are mandatory and you can choose from over 15 options for the remaining three (which include video, photography, drift, night, boat, fish ID dives and more). All course material, online PADI registration and equipment are included in the price.

Extend your bottom times by completing the PADI Nitrox Diver (Enriched Air Diver) Specialty course.

1 day training in primary & second first aid (1 day)

Emergency First Response training focuses on building confidence in lay rescuers and increasing their willingness to respond when faced with a medical emergency. Course participants learn simple to follow steps for emergency care and practice applying skills in a nonstressful learning environment. All courses are supported by self-study manuals, videos and quick reference cards to enhance learning and allow you start learning right away.

EFR courses meet the CPR and first aid training requirements for the PADI Rescue Diver course and all professional-level ratings. Most PADI Instructors are also Emergency First Response Instructors.

5 knowledge reviews and videos, 5 pool sessions, 3-4 sea dives (4-5 days)

By now you’re an avid diver and the diving world is starting to become a little more addictive. This course is split over four to five days and gives you an in-depth look at the more serious matters of life support. Completing this course gives you a different perspective on diving because you’ll move away from focusing solely on yourself and start paying more attention to other people in the water. The Rescue Diver is your first real step towards becoming a PADI Professional and is by far one of the most fun and rewarding courses to complete. Some of the rescue scenarios you’ll take part in can turn the worst foes into the best of friends. All course material, registration and equipment is included in the price.

NB: to become certified as a Rescue Diver you need a current, in-date First Aid qualification taken within the last two years. If you don’t have that, never fear: you can complete a First Aid course here at the dive centre. This is at an additional cost but, again, again all course material, registration & equipment is included.

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Own equipment option
Includes cylinder and weights

Double dives
Includes all equipment - 2 x single dives on the same launch including a light lunch of a sandwich, fruit, local biscuits, tea & coffee, water and the deal breaker lollipop! We also spend around 1 – 1 ½ hours on our surface interval searching for the big 5 of Tofo to snorkel with Whale Sharks, Manta, Dolphins, Turtle and (in season) Humpback Whales 

Far reef charge: 6 USD/dive
There is an additional far reef Charge per launch to the following deep sites: Outback, Manta, Greentree, Robs Bottom, Amazon, Office, Hospital, Cavern, Reggies, Banners & EN1

Maritime Tax: 4 USD/week


Swimming with Whale sharks, Manta rays, Dolphins, Turtles & Humpback whales (in season) Includes all equipment and rashvests.

We obviously want everyone to leave here with a smile on their face. Should you not see anything on your first outing we do offer a second chance to go again if there is space, but there are some conditions.

  • It's paying guests first, but if there is space, away you go. If it's full, it's full. 
  • If you need to hire equipment it will be charged at the standard prices listed above. 
  • If there are more guests than spaces then a lotto draw straw kind of thing happens. Let the bargaining begin! 
  • The trip must have enough paying guests to go (4 persons) 
  • The weather conditions permit (in Peri-Peri eyes, not other dive schools)

All being said, it's never guaranteed that you will have that opportunity for the second shot, but we can at least try.