Hi all. I’m back in Canada enjoying looking at all the photos posted. I’m going to be taking a dry suit course which will involve 2 dives, to see if I can handle the cold Pacific ocean. At least I won’t have the nausea to deal with since it stopped once I finished the malaria pills. Other than that, I really enjoyed the dives in Tofo, Thanks again”
— Sandy Ranger
aaww ! I love to read what you boys are up to, there, far away, in Tofo. You have some amazing feedback!!!! I always knew you will be simply the BEST dive shop ever ;-) the
bestest ;-)miss you all.x
— Klara Jaros
Dear Nick and Steven, Thank you and your team (Dave, Rene, Dean, João, etc) for a fantastic week in Praia do Tofo. Amazing dives in a wonderful place. Congratulations to Peri-Peri Divers for being a familiar dive center, with a very professional staff and service with always a friendly smile. Last but not least, thank you for being a dive centre that makes a difference, making all the efforts to proportionate unforgettable moments to your clients. Hope to see you all soon and all the best from Portugal
— Nuno Antunes
We already miss diving with Peri-Peri and super sexy scuba steve! :)
— Ina Schmitz
Thanks to you Miriam and the Peri-Peri team, for your sympathy and professionality, but above all for the patience you guys had !! I will never forget my time there
— Lou Hazen
Thanks for such great Diving this holiday Steve and Nick :)
still can’t get over the Whale!! miss it already there!
— Sarah Jane Sheard
The best diving team ever :) 
— Nicola Gubb
.... and so it was... one million billion trillion mobulas circling us! sux to be home away from you guys :( BEST DIVES EVER!!!
— Debbie Winter
Hi Steve,
How Are you doing?! I am Alex, did some diving with you last week!
I wanted once again to thank you for the great experience, i really enjoyed it especially because of the great atmosphere that you and your team are creating day after day! Good luck with everything and I will tell everybody that you are the one and only that can spot a PEGASUS SEAMOTH :-)!!
— Alex Hazen
Dear Steve

Already back in Switzerland, uf uf!!! We had a very good flight in B-Class, hihi!!!

Unfortunately we didn’t get to see you when we checked out with you guys! Peter and I would like to thank you, Nick and your whole team! We had a great time diving, also without the whaleshark! You and your staff are doing a great job and we will tell more diver friends about this special place to go. Please say hi and thank you to Frieda as well, we didn’t get to see her either.

Thank you very much!!!
You take care, kiss the next whalyboy for me!!!
— Peter & Annagret
Hi Guys

When I decided on where to do our dive course it felt like such a big task choosing between the 4 companies in Praia Do Tofo, as diving was something I knew nothing about and wanted to get the best experience for our money being first timers. However when I arrived at your office’s I knew immediately that this was the company I wanted to dive with and that massive choice became thing of the past. The decision was without any fail, one of the best decisions I have ever made. So with that being said, I just wanted to personally say thank you too everyone for the amazing experience that Peri-Peri Divers delivered to some inexperienced Divers.

Firstly I would like to thank our excellent instructor, we couldn’t have asked for a better instructor as David Levack on our Open Water course. He never had any hassle going over a topic again if we didn’t understand, his knowledge was really great, he would explain things in such a way that a dummy could understand and made sure that we are safe divers, and my last 2 dives were well there’s no words to describe.

Nicholas thank you for the amazing deep dive, felt totally comfortable on my first deep dive to see manta rays, your knowledge is outstanding and great pleasure meeting you.

As for Steve thank you for all the helpful advice, always ready to help with anything, and making us feel so welcome that I decision was one I’ll never forget.

To the rest of the team, thank you for making us feel so at home as if we were one of the team.

I look forward to diving with you guys again very soon.
— Charles Parsons
Tripod manta-6069.jpg
Nudibranch Chromodoris africana-02034.jpg
Smalleye profile - 2430.jpg
Frogfish at Outback-5156.jpg
Snapper at Manta-5103.jpg