Peri-Peri Dive Camp




'The Scuba Diving'

Unlocking the beauty of a new scuba diving destination is every centres dream and we at Peri-Peri are proud to announce that feat. Only a short 2.5 hr drive away and sitting perfectly in between Tofo Beach & Vilanculos Peri-Peri Divers introduces to you…… “Morrungulo Beach” our very own “Wild Side” diving.

Truly untouched reef with an abundance of rays (Manta, Eagle, Whiprays), thick with shoaling game fish, swathes of Sharks, Turtles, Dolphins and fantastic Humpback whale diving (July – late October) this place will quickly become a highlight of Mozambican diving.



An unimaginable plateau ranging from 10mtr to 30mtr that stretches over 20km off shore with 12 differing dive sites currently and many more to be found – join in the fun with wild side diving at its 'Peri' best


In a country of magnificent beaches, Morrungulo Beach (Praia de Morrungulo) easily holds its own as one of the most beautiful. Its long, wide, white sands – stretching seemingly endlessly in both directions – are fringed by a low escarpment topped with dense stands of coconut palms.

photo: Travessia Beach Lodge

photo: Massinga Beach Lodge

'The Accommodation'

follow the link below to explore the amazing accommodation options we have in Morrungulo

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Accommodation Tofo Beach


To help divers prepare for the new reality of diving during COVID-19 at Peri-Peri Divers. Our Mozambican Government, SSI and the Divers Alert Network (DAN) recently issued advice to dive operators on how to safely resume operations.

While this guidance gives divers an inkling of what they can expect when returning to our dive shop the risk cannot be entirely eliminated when interacting with other people.

Below we will list what we at Peri-Peri Divers are implementing to Safeguard as best we can our staff, friends and family divers from this unprecedented pandemic.

  • Firstly, all staff members have been trained in both SSI & DAN International COVID preventative methods
  • We have made available cleaning stations with sanitizer on the 2 x entry points to the dive shop, around the centre and in the bathrooms·
  • Temperatures will be taken on entry
  • All entrants will be required to sign in and out of the diving shop, allowing us to trace should the unthinkable arise.
  • Each guest will be given their own regulator where needed to use for the duration of your stay. We have disinfectant in all dip tanks for cleaning after each dive/use.
  • There will be special markers on the floor 1.5m apart for kiting up and de-kitting.
  • We will have a 1 person in, one person out rule for the toilet and hot showers
  • There will be a reduced capacity on all dive / snorkelling excursions with a maximum of 8 total divers / snorkellers
  • Masks / buffers to be worn at all times once outside of the dive shop, launching, beaching and in the boat.
  • Water and light snacks will be available on all boats, but it is recommended you bring your own.

What we ask of you…

  • Please make use of all the sanitizing stations as much as makes you feel comfortable
  • Please be respectful of distancing rules whether that be at sea or in the shop and that each person has their own principles and ideals
  • Can we suggest you bring a diving pouch containing a mask, or facial buffer (also helps with the sun), water bottle (keeping with you at all times), gloves, lock for your locker (we do have @ 100MZN), probably most importantly a pen, sunblock, sunglasses and hat.
  • Stay distant at the surface or in the boat and visually buddy check your dive partners equipment
  • Try to kit up solo, again, both in the shop and out at sea.
  • Breath through regulators in close proximity at the surface before entering the dive boat
  • Watch where you are pointing the snorkel
  • Try to smear defog not saliva when cleaning your mask lens

Above all else, don’t forget to smile.

Our promise to you…

  • To constantly as best we can, disinfect and clean all spaces and equipment.
  • All staff will be temperature checked and be required to clean hands as much as possible
  • We will provide hand sanitizer to guests with a minimum of 60% alcohol
  • We will make your safety our priority and if there is something that has been overlooked or makes you uncomfortable please say and we will do all we can to rectify.

We are living in extreme times and an ever changing world so it’s important to understand what we got into diving for in the first place and know that it may be a difficult transition to begin with but we will get over this as long as we can adhere to the rule changes and be respectful to individuals and the business needs alike.. so enjoy you time with us and hopefully the diving will blow your mind!