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Peri-Peri & Marine Megafauna Foundation

For nearly 10 years now Peri-Peri and MMF have been a close partners, supporting our conservation efforts towards our dearest ocean giants and their ecosystem.

About MMF

MMF’s vision is a world in which marine life and humans thrive together and we aspire to attain it by saving threatened marine life. The charity’s target group is marine megafauna, which is vital to the delicate balance of the marine ecosystem. When ocean giants are protected, we also achieve an umbrella protection for a wide variety of marine species. Consequently, MMF targets coastal communities that represent the biggest threat to these species and, as a result, to their own food security. Through the charity’s four pillars, MMF provides an integrated solution: by using research findings to educate and inspire the masses, MMF gathers the necessary tools to provide sustainable marine conservation strategies for communities and policy makers to bring about lasting positive change. Finally, by empowering, informing and giving a voice to local communities, they help to create a generation of Ocean Ambassadors and Guardians, who cherish and understand the marine ecosystem.

For further details, please see or follow MMF on TwitterFacebook and Instagram. For information about the organization’s local projects, you can also follow their Western Indian Ocean Facebook page.

MMF Talks

Each week Marine Megafauna Foundation holds 3 different hour-long talks, see the details below. Head along to find out more about marine megafauna and why ongoing research is critical to their protection. All funds raised from the talks go directly back into our research and conservation programs to protect marine megafauna.

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