Apart from being really, really ridiculously good looking, we love meeting new people, experiencing new things and, above all else, diving. We've been diving in and around Tofo for over 30 years between us and it's thanks to this local experience and enthusiasm for diving Tofo's pristine reefs that we consistently receive 5-star reviews on TripAdvisor.

When diving with Peri-Peri, the newly built tailored dive centre offers the highest standards in terms of facilities and service, the highlight of which is the spacious 5m deep training pool. We PROMISE you a personalized dive experience that rivals the larger and more commercial operations. Safety is, above all else our priority, but there's no harm in making the experience as enjoyable as it can be. That's why we're proud of our friendly, down-to-earth attitude, which you'll feel from the moment you walk through the door.

We have a huge variety of reefs to choose from (over 25 reefs at a range of different depths), which cater for all levels of diver. Our 18m Lemon & Herb shallow reefs are great for beginner and advanced divers alike or a nice option if you’re still finding your feet after a long flight. We also have our aptly named “Hot” reefs, which are 25m or deeper. These sites essentially made Tofo the amazing diving destination it is today. Aimed at advanced divers with some experience, the current and negative water entries make this adventure diving at its best.

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Giant manta with mating scars-1283