Peri Peri divers

…. are the newest and “hottest”
addition to the thriving
diving industry of Tofo Beach.

Owners Steve and Nick combine their 15 years of local experience and enthusiasm scuba diving the pristine reefs of Tofo Beach, to offer a bespoke range of diving experiences including: Ocean Safaris, PADI Training Courses and Dive Packages in association with a number of the finest accommodation options in Tofo Beach.

We have a huge variety of differing reefs to choose from, over 25 differing reefs to be exact. They range in depth and cater for all levels of diver. Our Lemon & Herb sites are 18mtr shallow reefs and great for beginners / Advanced divers alike. Perfect for all divers to find their feet after a long flight. We also have our aptly named “Hot” reefs ( 25mtr deeper reefs ) These essentially made Tofo the amazing diving destination it is today. Aimed at advanced divers with some experience, current and negative water entries make this adventure diving at its best.

Peri-Peri offers a personalized dive service that rivals the larger more commercial operations by taking smaller groups of divers to explore the world famous dive sites of tofo beach.

Peri-Peri was started in the hope of keeping diving more personalized and fun combining positive attitudes a friendly atmosphere and of course smiles to create amazing diving experiences for all.

Peri Peri are proud to announce a “VERI VERI” exciting,EXCLUSIVE collaboration with the Marine Megafauna Foundation, Join their world renowned scientists, Dr Andrea Marshall, “BBC’S Queen of the Mantas”, and Dr “Awesome” Simon Pierce, the “Whale Shark Whisperer”, on daily trips visiting tofo’s renowned diving and Whale Shark spots. DIVING, SCIENCE and INFORMATION a fantastic combination .

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